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The Works of Jean-Loup Benét

The Wolf Hunter. Master’s Thesis novel. Seton Hill University. 2005. Advisors Michael A. Arnzen, PhD; Timons Esaias.

Short Stories:
“Scrum Buddies” – Sweaty Sex: An Anthology of Sports and Sex. Edited by Alexandra Rowan. Ravenous Romance. 2009.
“The Hide” – Vintage Moon. Edited by Nancy Jackson. RAGE Machine Books. 2006. (reprint)
“The Hide” – Hacker’s Source. Issue #16. June 2004. (reprint)
“Ask Dr. Occult: Advice for the Disturbed” – Hacker’s Source. Issue #15-18. Feb.-May, 2004 to 2005.
“Bennie the Happy Homicidal Axe Murderer” – Hacker’s Source. Issue #15. Feb.-May, 2004.
“Ask Dr. Occult: Advice for the Disturbed” – Hacker’s Source. Issue #14. Oct.-Dec. 2003.
“The Secret Spot” – Playgirl. May 2003.
“The Christmas Massacre” – Hacker’s Source Christmas newsletter. December 2002.
“The Hide” – Transformation Stories, Art, Talk. Issue #23. Aug./Sept. 2002.
“Hell’s Bells” – Hacker’s Source. Issue #10. August 2002.

“So, You Want to be a Werewolf?” – FATE. Vol. 55, no. 6, Issue 627. July 2002.
“Lobo-Hombres of Latin America” – Fang, Claw, & Steel. Issue #13. Winter 2002.
Rugby Spring Break article – Rugby. January 28, 2001
“Silva Mind Control Method: Key to Enlightenment or New Age Cult?”
– Psychology of Religion. Edited by Dr. Dick Mann, Prof Emeritus, Univ. of Michigan- Dept of Psych. Fall 1996.

Edited Works:
The Best of – Werewolf short story anthology booklet. Black Tail Press. Detroit, MI. March 2004.

“The Curse of the Wendigo” – seeking placement.

Samples of my creative non-fiction writings
Manna of an Icy God
The Allure of the Written Word

The Red Light District Fireside Chat. October 4, 2005. Transcript