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Things you need to know about social media and SEO

Social media marketing and SEO may be two different things, but they are tightly interwoven strategies and more connected than most think. The reason behind this is that both focus on building identities as naturally as possible to attract users and potentially convert them to customers.

With the help of a high brand presence from social media, you can attract many visitors to your website and increase your search rankings in the search engine results page (SERPs).

Below are five different ways how social media improves your SEO campaign and boost your ranking in Google.

  1. Use of Shareable Links

How many times have you scrolled your Facebook feed and clicked on an article that you wanted to read? This is how social media can help boost your SEO campaign.

When you post a link to your blog in these platforms, you provide access to your content and create more opportunities for people to see what your post is all about. If it peaks the reader’s interest, then you might have gotten yourself a new follower that could potentially convert into a customer.

  1. Builds An Audience

About 300-500 new websites are being created each minute. With the number of competitors out there, you need to find other ways to reach out to people – and that is to build an audience through social media. It is an efficient platform to introduce and develop your brand. It puts you in front of people who otherwise wouldn’t have found you.

There are about 2 billion users on Facebook today. Because of its worldwide reach and natural sharing capabilities, this is an excellent place to build your online presence and introduce yourself to more people. Social media helps create brand awareness, which increases the likelihood of people clicking on your content in Google search results.

  1. Use of Branded Searches

Let us assume that your brand has become quite famous on social media. When consumers try to google your brand name with a keyword or keyword phrase, this can help you rank for similar keywords.

For example, your social media followers have started googling your brand and used the keyword phrase “yourbrandname shoes.” Assuming that these people have interacted well on your website before, Google will think that since your website ranked pretty well with the keyword phrase “yourbrandname shoes”, and received great website activity from visitors, then Google could place you higher for the keyword “shoes”.

  1. Index Older Posts

If you have just been recently getting some traction, you can still use older posts on your website to improve your ranking and keep your social media followers engaged. You can post the link to your older posts in social media to help them get indexed.

  1. Helps With Promotion

Let us talk about Youtube. Youtube is the second most-searched search engine today. Although most Youtube search queries are typically low in commercial-intent, you can still use it to influence your SEO campaign positively.

You can create tutorials or informative videos and promote your brand by putting the link in the description box, which can ultimately lead them to your website. Furthermore, your videos can also potentially rank better and organically in search engine results page.

In general users on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter think about their hobbies and interests more. If you produce content that taps into these, then you will gain better website engagement. You can provide guidelines, DIY hacks, humorous or controversial content.

Nowadays social media marketing (SEM) and SEO go hand in hand. As google wants to deliver search results that are relevant to the surfers, and as a serious brand normally has a social presence, it is best to have some form of social activity if you want your online business to thrive. In order to rank higher in google, it is recommended to have some social activity as this is the thing a respected online brand is expected to do.

Nobody knows for sure how Google tracks social media responses to your website. But it is clear that social media can help boost your SEO efforts and can deliver long-term benefits.

Even though social media is not a direct ranking factor in Google, it is still one of the best ways to promote content and increase brand awareness – which are also related to search engine optimization.